Skin: PF – Doll v2
Beauty marks: Kibitz – Perect beauty marks
Eye: DA – Marble
Hair: Spellbound – Lala -New!!-
Mouth: LM – Alli
Nose piercing: Yummy – Safety pin nose ring -@ Collabor88!!-
Choker: Kibitz – Stretch choker vat rare
Necklace: Mandala – Long necklace kotowari
Rings: Yummy – Birthstone ring
Bracelet: Bauhaus movement – Cypriss wrists -@ TMD!!-
Bracelet: Katat0nik – Bow wrists -@ Collabor88!!-
Watch: Kunst – Schism watch -@ TMD!!-
Nails: NO – Maitrey nails punk nails -@ Collabor88!!-
Glasses: DH – Herisse sunglasses -@ Collabor88!!-
Shoes: Reign – Fett plats
top: Le Primitif – Britt crop tee -@ The Seasons Story!!-
Pants: Le Primitif – Suspender leggings -@ The Seasons Story!!-
Bag: ASO! – Petite square -@ The Seasons Story!!-
Pet: Mishmish – Punky skunk -@ Collabor88!!-


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