Skin: PF – Doll v2
Eyes: DA – Striking eyes
Teeth: Kibitz – Teeth system -Cosmetic Fair!!-
Hair: Mina – Kaya –Shiny shabby!!-
Glasses: Pure poison – Artistica glasses -The Fantasy Collective!!-
Choker: Kibitz – Stretch choker black -Creepy Kawaii!!-
Necklace: Kibitz – The heart necklace gold -The Fantasy Collective!!-
Necklace: Zenith – Feather dream catcher -Kustom9!!-
Cuffs: Kibitz – Enzi bracelet cuff gold -We ♥ rp!!-
Watch: Mandala – Billionaire watch
Top: Vincue – Windy t-dress -Soon!!-
Hands: SLink – Avatar enhancement
Hand tattoo” Soy – Hajichi miyako hand tattoo -Kustom9!!-
rings: Kibitz – Elia ring gold -The Fantasy Collective!!-
rings: ieQED – Rings -Shiny shabby!!-
Hand bag: Zenith – Vintage leather clutch -The Liaison collaborative!!-
Shoes: Pure poison – Le ballet flats -Shiny shabby!!-
Feet: SLink – Enhancement flat feet


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