Skin: PF – Doll v2
Eyes: DA – Striking eyes
Face Tattoo: Kooqla – Pheasant tattoo black -Secret Affair!!-
Hair: Little bones – Snow spell 1 -Secret Affair!!-
Crown: Pekka – Ella circlet gold -Soon @ Fantasy Collective Nov 20th!!-
Nose septum: Pekka – Marcia septum gold
Necklace: Forge – Harvest moon gold -Secret Affair!!-
Necklace: Zenith – Gypsy divine weath gold -Secret Affair!!-
Bracers: Aurica store – Mage bracer -Secret Affair!!-
Dress: Peqe – Statue robe red -Secret Affair!!-
Cape: Peqe – Ellaria vest -Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!-
Hands: SLink – Enhancement hands
Feet: SLink – Enhancement feet flat
Sandals: The Forge – Folium sandal black
Staff: EZ – Serpent’s dire gold


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