Everyone wants a taste….


Skin: PF – Doll v2
Eyes: DA – Striking eyes
Hair: AD – Tangled
Head Piece: Keystone – Ethering -Seelie Court!!-
Septum: Pekka – Marcia septum gold -The Body Mod Expo!!-
Mouth: CR – Nyam nyam
Choker: Pekka – Triquetra choker gold -The Fantasy Collective!!-
Ring: Pekka – Triquetra ring gold -The Fantasy Collective!!-
Top Chains: Noodles – Scarlett body chain gold -The Fantasy Collective!!-
Dress: GF – Elwy outfit eath -Mystic Realms Faire!!-
Bracers: L – corded bracers -The Fantasy Collective!!-
Hands: SLink – Enhancement hands
Belt: Forge – Arwen’s belt -Mystic Realms Faire!!-
Tights: Gawk – Black nylon tights
Boots: JD – Ara
Bow: LR – Sa’ng fori bow


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