Skin: PF – Doll v2
Eyes: DA – Striking eyes
Hair & bow: Spellbound – Velvet -Tag Gacha!!-
Eyeshadow: Pekka – Metallic mix eyeshadow -Cosmetic Fair!!-
Eyeliner: Pekka – Eyeliner6 combo #3
Mouth: CR – Nyam nyam
Face Wound: DRD – Poker face -Tag Gacha!!-
Hat: RO – Spellbinder isobel -Tag Gacha!!-
Piercing: Pekka – Unseen unisex piercing gold
Septum: Pekka – Marcia septum gold -The Body Mod Expo!!-
Neck Wound: DRD – Cards neck -Tag Gacha!!-
Dress: Pixicat – Femke gown black
Wings: Boom – Succubus wings coat -Tag Gacha!!-
Necklace: NO – Spooky girl portrait lidiya -Tag Gacha!!-
Bracelet: Epoque – Variant cuff obsidian
Hands: SLink – Enhancement hands
Hand blood: Clemmm – Bloody hands
Feet: SLink – Enhancement feet flat
Flying pet: MishMish – Scawy monster unicorn RARE -Tag Gacha!!-
Holding pet: Tsg – Persian kitten white -Tag Gacha!!-

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