I ruined your path

Skin: PF – Doll v2 -New!!-
Eyes: DA – Striking eyes
Hair: Little bones – Eden 2 -The Secret Affair!!-
Head Piece: Birdy (foxes) – Melancholy Throned rose silver -The Secret Affair!!-
Necklace: Aisling – Chimalma necklace -The Jewlery Fair!!-
Stole: Enigma – Cholia Fur
Shoulder pads: DRD – Melancholy Shoulder dark
Top: Birdy (foxes) – Melancholy bustier -The Secret Affair!!-
Skirt: Peqe – The Raven -The Secret Affair!!-
Sleves: Peqe – The raven sleeves -The Secret Affair!!-
Hands: SLink – Enhancement hands
Cat: Birdy (foxes) – Melancholy familiar -The Secret Affair!!-
Feet: SLink – Enhancement feet med
Feet wraps: KeyStone – Feet wraps -The Secret Affair!!-


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