Heavenly evil


Head: tsg – Tsu mesh head
Eyes: tsg – Mori eyes
Hair: Moon – Untitled -Swag!!-
Crown: ieQED – Burst metal crown gold -La Metallique Fair!!-
Head Piece: Aisling – Theira tiara -Jewelry Fair Sept 13 2014!!-
Nose Piercing: Aisling – Undecim nosering -Jewelry Fair Sept 13 2014!!-
Lip piercing: Pekka – Soul Piercing
Necklace: Aisling – Lavi necklace -Jewelry Fair Sept 13 2014!!-
pauldrons: ieQED – Snake pauldron gold -We ❤ RP!!-
Bracelets: Forge – Gypsy bangle gold
Dress: Wimey – Demonia gown in black -We ❤ RP!!-
Hands: SLink – Enhancement hands
Weapon: LR – Trident klaive -We ❤ RP!!-


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