Skin: PF – Renee -New!!-

Eyes: DA – Shattered eyes

Hair: Analog – 42 -New!!-

Face Chain: SH – Facechain classico wace

Piercing: Pekka – Soul piercing gold

Necklace: Pekka – Thick chains collar blackened Goldl -Project Limited!!-

Corset: Blueberry – Kristy zipped bustier top

Fur: Elenya – Shawl black -Soon August 8th @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!-

Pants: 1bp – Leather pants

Belt: The Forge – Daerwen belt black

Armor: The Forge – Daerwen armor black

Ring: The Forge – House tyrell gold ring

Hands: SLink – Enhancement hands

Nails: Pekka – Cracked gardient nails -Cosmetic fair beach party!!-

Feet: SLink – Enhancement high feet

Heels: Six Bois Milan heels -Soon @ Appliers Expo Event August 1st!!-

Weapon: LR – Black Hawk

Shield: PFC – Pegasus shield


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