Shape: Pekka -Soon!!-

Skin: PF – Harley

Hair: CM – Dreamsicle

Headband: Pekka – Spiky roses headband snow RARE -Oh My Gacha!!-

Teeth & Shading: Pekka – Teeth + Pout mouth -New!!-

Glasses: Pekka – Kawaii glasses -Manga Fair!!-

Necklace: Atomic – Unicorn horn necklace -The Chapter Four!!-

Top: Pixicat – Cutout tie top

Haands: SLink – Enhancement hands

Ring: Pekka – Heart + wings ring pink -Manga fair2014!!-

Bracelet: Blah – Hana flower bracelet nude -Oh My Gacha!!-

Shorts: Blueberry – Beads belts denim shorts -New!!-

Leg Tattoo: Tenjin – Birds bloom tattoo -Oh My Gacha!!-

Feet: SLink – Enhancement feet

Shoes: Reign – Petal hoppers

Bag: 7891 – Michey purple

Pets: Alchemy – Seal pups -Oh My Gacha!!


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