Shape: Pekka -Soon!!-

Skin: PF – Harley

Eyes: DA – Striking eyes silver

Hair: Spellbound – Bubsy -New!!-

Piercing: Pekka – Fidelity piercing

Glasses: Pekka – Kawaii glasses -Soon @ Manga Fair!!-

Ears: Mandala – Fantasy ears

Teeth & Shading: Pekka – Teeth + Pout mouth -New!!-

Necklace: AlterEgo – Cute drippy necklace -Soon @ OMG!!-

Top: B.C.C. – LoLo summer top -Summer Fest!!-

Hands: SLink – Avatar Enhancement hands

Phone: Pure Poison – Fox Phone zebra -Soon @ OMG!!-

Short: Blueberry – Beads belts denim shorts -New!!-

Feet: SLink – Enhancement feet

Shoes: Erratic – Espadrille white -Summer Fest!!-

Bom box: RO – Bombox -Summer Fest!!-


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