I walked in to a painful world


Shape: Pekka – Clemense female shape

Skin: Essence – Whisper brown sugar

Eyeliner: Pekka – Dark makeup eyeliner option

Eyes: ID – Dark Mirror

Hair: Truth – Lyma -New!!-

PIercing: Pekka – Radioactive unisex piercing -New!!-

Collarbone piercings: Pekka – Missy chest piercing -New!!-

Chest Piercing: Pekka – .Pekka. Metal Cross w/ Diamonds & Chest Piercing [Gold]

Collar: Pekka – Chain collar -New!!-

Ears: Mandala – Stretched ears

Neko Ears: Two Cats – Fantasy neko ears -New!!-

Goggles: K_gs – Razaera

Bra: R3volt – Cady studded bra v3 -New!!-

Corset: Js – Lace up corset

Arm Warners: R3volt – Minako arm warmer -New!!-

Panties: wanderLust – Tugged panties

Leggings: R3volt – Vera thigh hight v2 -New!!-

Feet: SLink – Mesh feet exotix

Harness: Brutal – MP5-K

Sword: Brutal – Brutal Cleaver

Nails: VI – Naboo nails

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