may13 lotd

Shape: Pekka – Mandy Shape -New!!-

Skin: Essences – Opera sunkissed

Eyes: ID – Mirror

Hair: Wasabi – Lily

Eyeliners: Pekka – Black eyeliner

Piercing: Pekka – Sinner facial unisex piercing

Piercing: Puncture – Dimple piercings

Tattoo: Boss Tattoo – The end is near – New!!-

Top: Ronsem – Tee f02 -New!!-

Necklace: Mandala – Shamira dog tag

Shorts: Mon tissu – Hanalei shorts

Knees: SU! – Bloody knees 01

Feet: SLink – Rigged mesh feet

Sandal: SLink – Aussie thong sandals

Watch: Blitzed – Legacy watch

Horns: ContraptioN – Clemantlers -Lucky board!!-

Ears: Mandala – Streched ears

Bag: DDL – The talented Mr. Bear -New!!-


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