Scary lies

scary lies

Shape: Pekka – Soon

Skin: Essences – Opera Sunkissed -The Big Boobies Show Fair!!-

Hair: Dura – Boys & Girls 42

Eyes: ID – Mirror

Cap: RO – Swag tasticap

Necklace: Kosh – Thorn necklace -The Men Dept!!-

Facial piercing: Pekka – Sinner Facial unisex piercing -The Men Dept!!-

Ears: Mandala – Simple ears Hutuu

Ear piercing: Pekka – Sinner Ear unisex piercing -The Men Dept!!-

Pelvis Piercings: Pekka – Imaginable pelvis piercing

Top: Cynful – Baubie hugger unbuttoned

Breasts: Lolas! – Tango mesh breasts

Pants: JustCool – Haven hot pants -New!!-

Shoes: 2REAL – Stackz

Bangles: Ey:No – Mess bangles

Ring: RO – Famous

Watch: DDL – Nai watch

Nails: Mandala – Long nails

Gun: Brutal weapons – MP5 k

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