Sometimes is best to be lonely

sometimes is best to be lonely

Skin: Essences – Opera Sunkissed -The Big Boobies Show Fair!!-

Eyes: ID – Sould

Hair: Epoque – Tied up -New!!-

Headband: Whatever – Spiked bun headband

Tattoo: Insanya – Sanger flower

Facial piercing: Pekka – Sinner Facial unisex piercing -The Men Dept!!-

Ears: Mandala – Simple ears Hutuu

Ear piercing: Pekka – Sinner Ear unisex piercing -The Men Dept!!-

Collar: (r)mint – Posture collar

Gun: Brutal weapons – Deser eagle

Dress: SU! – Lalala dress

Breast: Lolas! – Tango mesh breast

Gloves: Plastik – Lipstick muse glovez

Belt: NSD – Rock n rolla lion belt

Tights: Erratic – Fishnet wide

Boots: Slink – Tall leather thigh boots

Nails: Mandala – Long nails


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