Every second counts


Shape: Pekka – Marlene shape

Skin: Glam Affairs – Amberly

Hair: Taketomi – Hina “NEW”

Horns: Contraption – Great taurus horns

Googles: K_gs – Razaera googles

PIercings: Pekka – Exodus unisex piercing “@ TMD”

Pelvis piercing: Pekka – Predictable Unisex piercing

Tattoo: Insanyan – Danger flower

Collar: (r)M – Posture collar no.04

Necklace: Etham – Metal Cross #2

Ears: Illusions – Sprite ears

Corset: League – Nyx corset leather “@ WCF2”

Skirt: Razorblade jacket – Nylon cotton skirt

Belt: TheAbyss – NAU Combat Belt

Gloves: Blueberry – Armwarmers the cross

Socks: Linc – Garter nylons

Boots: J’s – Studded long boots

Knees: SU! – Bloody knees


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