Bad to the bone


Shape: Pekka – Marlene shape

Skin: Glam Affairs – Amberly

Hair: Burley – Nelly

Eyes: ID – City lights

Top: Blah – My Criss cross strapless “@ TBS”

Warmer: Monso – My warmer muffler “NEW”

Pants: Aahakee – Caron minimal

Shoes: H – Vaider black

Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer – DIamonds are forever “NEW”

PIercing: Pekka – Tragedy unisex piercing (edited) “NEW”

Pelvis Piercings: Puncture – Dermal spike

Neko Ears: Puppy – Gauged feline ears

Tail: Lemon Tea – Somali neko tail “NEW”

Ears: Mandala – Simple ears

Ear Piercing: Pekka – Cracker ear piercings

Googles: K_gs – Razaera

Belt: Blitzed – Bug belt

Collar: Blitzed – Legacy collar

Necklace: Ronsem – The shadow loard choker


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