It looks so good and it feels great!


Shape: Pekka – Casandra Shape “NEW”

Skin: Belleza – Ava

Eyes: ID – Mirror eyes

Hair: E – Sound

PIercing: Pekka – Cram unisex piercing “NEW”

Collar: Blitzed – Legacy choker

Necklace: Mandala – Shamira dog tag

Belt: Blitzed – Bug belt

Top: Izzie’s – low neck tee emerald

Hoodie: Monso – My fur hoody “NEW”

Pants: twhore – S&M skinny jeans

Boots: TonkTastik – Resistance boots

3 thoughts on “It looks so good and it feels great!

  1. First of all I check this blog every day! It’s so inspirational. But I have a few questions. Firstly, where are the eyelashes from? I’m trying to ‘re-built’ your models (shape, skin, eyes etc.) but I can’t seem to find them. And second, how come all your (skin) textures look so flawless? Does it has to do with the viewer or maybe even your type of graphics card? Thanks in advance.

    • Hiya there!, thank you! I’m really happy that you find my blog inspirational really ♥. the lashes I wear are from Lelutka and from Candy Mountain. lastly my skin looks fawless cus i use a light setting from the viewer just to take the picture…. You would have to play with the settings too.. Hope that helps 😀

      • You are very welcome! And thank you very much for answering my questions. I assume you use the default second life viewer? Could you please tell me where I can find these light settings? Thanks in advance once more. ^^

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