News @ 2REAL!


Shape: Pekka – Mambi shape

Skin: League – Isla pale

Hair: Wasabi – Jamie mesh “NEW”

Eyes: ID – City lights colorful “NEW”

Facial Piercing: Pekka – Mysterious unisex piercing

Ear Piercing: Pekka – Cracker unisex ear piercing “@ TMD”

Tattoo: Sleepy bozer – Ocean planet v2

Top: Alterego – Sleeveless top keep calm stone “NEW”

Skirt: Happy Undead – Mini skirt

Leggings: erratic – Fishnet wide

Socks: League – Sports socks

Tennis: 2Real – Glyderz “NEW”

Nails: Virtualinsanity – Naboo nails

Finger Tape: Linc – Finger tapes

Collar: Blitzed – Legacy collar

Bracelet: Blitzed – Legacy bracelet

Bracelet: Epoque – Abrasive cuff

Ring: Imbue – Cross ring

Ring: Swallow – Gift ring studs silver

Horns: Aux – In dreams horns “Zodiac”

Pose: Purple Pose


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