Work it all night


Shape: Pekka – Mambi Shape

SKin: League – Isla Pale SE

Hair: Burley – Vanessa red

Horns: Schadenfreude – Kinder horns

Crown: LaViere – Fake plastic crown

Facepaint: Pekka – Mystic facepaint

Piercings: Pekka – Illusionist Unisex Piercing

Ears: Mandala – Stretched ears tunnel 5″

Collar: SiniStyle – Colubridae collar

Cuffs: Blitzed – Brutal cuffs

Armband: Blitzed – Marauder armbands

Nails: Mstyle – PErfect hand long nails

Watch: Mandala – Hokusai Bracelet

Belt: TheAbyss – Nau combat belt

Tail: PE – Tail bits add on & demon tail

Tattoo: Plastik – Haila Tattoo

Top & gloves: Graves – G179

Bottom: Graves – G387

Socks: Graves – G369

Boots: SLink – Thigh boots


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